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How to Unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop in Dead Island 2

A real gun in a prop box. That would never happen in real life.

by Daphne Fama

You might be in Monarch Studios because you’re chasing down a stubborn personal assistant… or you might be slowly trying to complete everything the game has to offer. Either way, you probably want to know how to open the big orange crate in Monarch Studio. Here’s how to unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop in Dead Island 2.

How to Unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop in Dead Island 2

So, if you’ve made it down to the northmost dead end of Sinclair Street, just outside of Stage 1, you’ve probably found yourself staring at the Space Fox 2250 Prop case. It’s big, orange, and stubbornly shut. And if you’re here early in the game (when you’re chasing down Michael), unfortunately you won’t be able to open the chest.


You’ll have to wait until you’ve progressed the story enough to unlock Fast Travel, which occurs once you arrive at Venice Beach. Once you’ve gotten the on-screen notification letting you know that fast travel is available, pop over to Monarch Studios and head back towards the orange prop chest.

But once you get to it, turn left, making your way down the Save the Cat Walk, heading towards Stage 7. Once you hit the very end of Save the Cat Walk, and you’re practically on Romero Place, you’ll find a named Spiky Walker Zombie hanging out by the fence.

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This is the Space Fox Prop Master, and naturally, he has the key. Fortunately, he’s easy to take down, so do what you need to do and claim the key once he has it.

The Space Fox Prop Chest all offers some premium rewards. I got the Superior Electrocutor Pistol, which perfectly fits the Space Fox aesthetic… but why is a real gun in a prop box? Surely it’s not a reference to…

Well, anyway. If you’re here, why not take on the side quest that will net you another weapon? It’s pretty much down the road. Check out how to complete it here: Dead Island 2: How to Complete It Came From Monarch Studios.

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