How to Beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2

Take your final bow, Alesis. You're going into early retirement.

We have chased Michael all over Monarch Studios, and we are not the only ones. Something is leaving massive bubbling caustic trails right behind him. And we get to find out that source when we finally pin down Michael in front of the giant Spider God set. Here is how to beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2.

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How to Beat Alesis Hernandez in Dead Island 2

It has been a long time coming, but we finally get to fight our second story boss! And he is a big boy. Alesis Hernandez is a Slobberer, a unique Apex Zombie that, as you have likely discerned, relies heavily on its ability to spew caustic sludge. But before we delve into how to beat him, let’s take in the arena where we will be doing battle.

Boss Arena Set Up

Like with Becki the Bridge, you have a chance to investigate the obvious boss arena before the boss arrives. It is pretty epic, as it takes place between the legs of the giant Spider God, and there are quite a few FX stations here.

Your options are:

  • Rain
  • Fire
  • Spider Venom
  • Truck Explosion

The Truck Explosion FX is in the far-right booth, and unlike the others, it can only be used once.

If you’re trying to dodge Alesis, make sure you stay away from the windows

The arena’s main source of cover is the FX booth that has the Truck Explosion panel, as well as the truck and the van. There is also a small room beside the gas station which you can enter which has two blue jerry cans full of water and a med kit in the back, should you need it.

Best Equipment to Beat Alesis Hernandez

The absolute best equipment to beat Alesis is the Pipe Bomb Curveball and the Chem Bomb Curveball. Beyond that, you will want a weapon that allows you to consistently get headshots. A Pike, sword, or club are all good options.

Next, you will want to equip a modifier that does tick damage. For example, a weapon with a burn mod or electric mod.

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Best Strategy to Beat Alesis Hernandez

Once you are fully equipped, here is the bad news.

The FX are cool, but it is time consuming and inefficient to use them to kill Alesis. Here is what you should do.

When Alesis spawns in, he will stand in the middle of the ring and spew out some green caustic gas. This gas will do damage to you. Take advantage of this delay by throwing a pipe bomb at Alesis to give the gas a chance to dissipate a bit while also doing damage to Alesis. Next, throw in the Chem Bomb to stun him.

Alesis is slow and does not move much, so it is very easy to get in long strings of attacks on him. Use this to your advantage and attack him while he is stunned from the Chem Bomb. Immediately do as much damage as possible, while aiming for his head, even if it means taking some caustic damage.

Stay committed to this strategy until the hoards of zombies roll in. Once the mobs attack you, run to the booth that has the Truck Explosion FX. This booth is extremely useful because it prevents Alesis from hitting you with his projectile vomit attack. Whittle away the hoards, then return to the main arena to do battle with Alesis. At this point, your curve balls should be refreshed, so chuck them at him and repeat the process.

If you feel the hoards are getting to be too much, use the FX to spray Spider Venom (which hits center arena), the fire effects (which are on either side), or the rain effects if you feel up to doing electric damage. The fire effects last the longest, and are the easiest to lead zombies into, so I would recommend using that. The Truck Explosion is the most powerful but the hardest to get zombies in the range of, as they are intent on chasing you down.

If you need to reposition or are taking too much damage from Alesis, take cover behind the truck and van to recover. But when you are healthy enough, your best option is to dive into Alesis and chain as many head attacks as possible. While he is a big boy, he should go down easily enough.

Alesis Hernandez’s boss fight is the epitome of big risks, big rewards. Opting to be aggressive will end this boss fighter faster than playing it carefully.

Once you have that matter all cleaned up, you might find that you want to return to the Monarch Studio entrance to take advantage of a certain supply cache. Here is where the key is: Where is the Security Guard’s Cooler Key in Dead Island 2 – Answered.

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