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How to Unlock the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in Genshin Impact

More suffering... I mean farming on the way

by Patrick Souza
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New artifacts are introduced from time to time in Genshin Impact, and the 3.6 version brought two new sets to spice things up. While not many characters can use the effect of those new sets in their entirety, they still open various new paths for building different characters, and it all starts by heading into the Molten Iron Fortress.

The domain is found in Girdle of the Sand, AKA the final Sumeru desert area, and you’ll need to unlock it before starting your new endless artifact grinding. This is how you find it.

Where to Unlock the Molten Iron Fortress Domain in Genshin Impact

To reach the domain, all you gotta do is walk straight into the Girdle of the Sand area in Sumeru, north of the Desert of Hadramaveth. If you haven’t reached the area yet, the nearest teleport is next to The Sands of Three Canals. You should see a teleport if you’re going in the correct direction, so keep following that road.

As you pass by a stray Seelie, you’ll soon find the domain icon on the map, so walk straight into it to finally unlock it and can teleport directly to it anytime in the future.

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The domain itself is quite easy to clear. There are two regular Axe Mitachurls which are followed by a pair of Hilichurl Rogues. Remember to aim at their Slimes whenever they bring those to the field. Make sure you’re bringing at least one Dendro character as this element’s reactions are boosted inside this domain.

For the rewards, you can get the Nymph’s Dream and the Voukarasha’s Glow Artifact Sets, which are good enough for themselves, even if only a few certain characters at least. But they’re exceptionally good when paired with other sets, so it’s never a waste of time to grind for them.

Good luck with your Artifact farming!

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