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Genshin Impact 3.6 Introduces a New Voice Actor for Tighnari

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As if we weren’t already busy enough getting ready for 3.6, Genshin Impact decides to drop a new character as well as news of Tighnari’s new voice actor. Yes, come the update, Tighnari’s English voice will officially be changed from its previous VA to none other than Zachary Gordon.

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Who is Genshin’s New Voice Actor for Tighnari?

I will be the first to say I’m bad with names without faces and knowing works related to people, but the first thing I heard about Zachary Gordon was his work for Diary of a Wimpy Kid, playing as the famously infamous Greg Heffley. While this isn’t the only job he’s picked up, it’s certainly one that players are not letting him live down; he is already beginning all of the memes and comparisons, myself included! He’s played in a few animated cartoons and video games before, including MY GOD, Gil from Bubble Guppies. I may have been too old for Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movies save for the first one, but that may be a voice from my childhood that haunts me as I play Tighnari’s English voice again. 

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Originally, Elliot Gindi was the voice actor of Tighnari upon the Dendro Archer’s release, but due to some severe allegations has been passed over by Hoyoverse to continue working with them. In past events, however, it did seem that the company used the rest of his lines for the Windblume Festival since it was probably too late at this point to get someone to cover the lines quickly, and they were unable to remove the voice-acting lines.

But with 3.6 officially updating, Tighnari’s lines should be expected to change over completely to reflect Zachary Gordon’s take on the character. Personally, it sounds quite similar, if not younger, and occasionally more aggressive in battle. What are your thoughts on our new VA?

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