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How to Unlock the Mods Please Ban Achievement in High on Life

Get an achievement for letting people whine on the internet

by Daphne Fama
High on Life

High On Life, the comedy sci-shooter that’s taken the gaming world by storm, is full of references and achievements that you might miss on your first playthrough. One of the most challenging achievements to obtain, and also one that you can potentially block yourself out of by progressing the story too far, is Mods Please Ban, an achievement worth 45 gamerscore.

It’s possible that you’ve never interacted with the forums before. Nothing in the game prompts you to do so, save for a one-off line by Kenny while you’re at the Slums at the start, and a brief whine from Gene during one of your trips back home.

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But it’s likely that you’ve been slowly unlocking forum posts since you started the game. In fact, it’d be almost impossible not to. But unlocking every post requires quite a bit of grinding and exploration. Here’s how to do it.

How to Unlock the Mods Please Ban Achievement in High on Life

Before we even begin, it’s worth noting that this achievement might be blocked to you. Certain people have been unable to unlock all the Blim City Locations, which is necessary for the achievement. An update was rolled out that fixed this issue, but only for people who created new games after the patch was implemented. So, it’s possible that you (like me) will have to create an entirely new game if you want this achievement.

The forums contain four different sections, which are related to either locations you’ll visit or killing things. Here are all four categories and how to complete each one.

Blim City Banter

  • Discover 3 Locations in Downtown
    • Your House
    • Mr. Keeps’ Pawn Shop
    • Blorto’s Food Stall
  • Discover 5 Locations in the Slums: Laundromat District, Shanty District, Sludgewerks, Slums Access Route, and Torg Territory
  • Discover 5 Hints About Dr. Grugla: 
  • Blim City – Once you’re able to climb buildings (either through use of the jet pack or sheer skill), head to Krust Lord near the entrance of the slums. Climb on top of the room, and you’ll see against the wall graffiti. Interact with it.
  • Zephyr Paradise – Once you’ve defeated Dr. Giblets, enter his lab, where you found the catatonic Lezduit. Interact with the orange table and obtain the next hint.
  • Zephyr Paradise – Once you’ve defeated Dr. Giblets, head past the orange table where you found the last hint and go into the next room. You’ll find a console. Interact with it.
  • Zephyr Paradise – During the Skrendel Brothers bounty, you’ll hear Creature screaming from the Weapons Lab. You’ll need to open it using a console in a room adjacent to the Weapon’s Lab. In this very same room is another console which you can interact with to get another hint about Dr. Grugla.
  • Port Terrene – After defeating Douglas (or his body suit), use the exit pipe in the boss arena. You’ll find a large photo of Douglas and Dr. Grugla hugging.
  • Port Terrene – After defeating Nipulon, you can return straight to his office. There, in the alcove near the Luxlox is a console you couldn’t interact with before. Do so, and you’ll have obtained the last hint.

Many Dr. Grugla hints will become inaccessible after you’ve progressed the story too far. These are primarily the ones you obtain after defeating the boss (with the exception of Nipulon). So, be aggressive about collecting these.

Combat Tactics and Strategies

  • 60 Melee Kills
  • 240 Gun Kills
  • 240 Pierce Enemy Armor
  • 60 Merks Kills
  • 60 Melee Merks Kills
  • 30 Executions
  • 10 Hunk Kills
  • 30 Jason Kills
  • 30 Sniper Kills
  • 120 Interactable Kills – Interactable refers to environmental kills

After completing the game, you’ll notice that enemies spawn at much lower rates. I’ve yet to see a Hunk anywhere. To be safe, farm these enemies before you finish the game.

Zephyr Paradise Chat

  • 240 Mytes Kills
  • Discover 8 Locations in Zephyr Jungle
    • Back Canyon
    • Deep Jungle
    • Furgle Warren
    • Lower River Canyon
    • Moplet Village
    • Mushroom River
    • River Fork
    • Upper Falls.
  • Discover 6 Locations in the Mines Area
    • G3 Mine
    • Administration Office
    • Lower Valley
    • Mine Outskirts
    • Mineshaft
    • Valley Bluff
  • Discover 9 Locations in Skrendel Labs
    • Laboratory Crossroads
    • Loading Dock
    • Sector A – Hybridization
    • Sector B – Cloning
    • Security Checkpoint
    • Skrendel Pass
    • Specimen Holding
  • Buy 6 Vendor Items Within Zephyr Paradise

Port Terrene Hangout

  • 90 Greeble Kills
  • Discover 3 Locations in Old Town
    • Dreg Town Elevator
    • Main Street
    • Old Town Gorge.
  • Discover 3 Locations in the Outskirts
    • The GMS Schlooper Wreck
    • Outskirts
    • Unidentified Wreckage
  • Discover 9 Locations in the Dreg Town
    • Dreg Town Cleft
    • Dreg Town Plaza
    • Dreg Town Station
    • G3 Recruitment Center
    • Maintenance Station B
    • Maintenance Station C
    • Thomas Michael Phillips Sr. Memorial Court
    • Vacant Lot.
  • Buy 3 Vendor Items Within Port Terrene

As you can see, it’s not an easy achievement to obtain! But it’s a great way to explore and enjoy even more High On Life.

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