How To Unlock The Golden Saucer In Final Fantasy XIV

What is this magical place, and how do I get there?

Sometimes, it’s nice to kick your feet up and just relax, no matter if you’re playing a video game or living life as you normally would. Between the dungeons, trails, and raids in Final Fantasy XIV, did you know that there is a whole Casino-themed area, waiting for you to become as rich as possible? That’s right, the Golden Saucer from Final Fantasy VII makes its triumphant return here, and you can explore it at your absolute pleasure. Here’s how to unlock the Gold Saucer in FFXIV.

How To Access The Golden Sauce in Final Fantasy XIV?

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To make your way into the Golden Saucer, you’re going to need to complete a side quest that will give you a necessary item. After completing any of the Level 15 Main Quest Scenario missions, you’ll unlock a variety of new missions to partake in. To find this quest and item, you’ll need to teleport or travel to Ul’Dah and speak to the “Well-Heeled Youth” (coordinates: X:9.6, Y:9.0) near the Steps of Nald to begin the “It Could Happen To You” questline.

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Once you have spoken with him, you’ll receive a ticket that you need to present to the Airship Ticketer which will give you instant access to the Golden Saucer. It’s really that simple. Sit back and enjoy the cutscene and get ready to experience one of the best parts of this MMO.

What Exactly Is The Golden Saucer In Final Fantasy XIV?

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The Manderville Golden Saucer is a straight-up Casino, giving you the chance to partake in some games of chance to unlock a special currency that can only be used within its walls. Not only can you purchase lottery tickets that could make you rich overnight, you can buy scratch-offs that will give you some extra cash right up front.

The Golden Saucer is filled to the brim with Mini-Games, some that will test your reaction time and some that will put you up against countless other players in a race to the finish line. Chocobo Racing, strategy games involving your minions, the list goes on and on. It’s full of little distractions that can make the Final Fantasy XIV experience all the more exciting, so we recommend getting there as soon as possible.

No matter if you’re trying to unlock Glamour & dyes in Final Fantasy XIV, or you’ve already completed the MSQ, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know about in our Final Fantasy XIV section below. Be sure to check it out before embarking on the next step of your journey.

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