How to Unlock the Digipick Linked Safe in Starfield

Your first source of goods locked behind a challenging puzzle

If you’re familiar with previous Bethesda games, you may already know just how important lockpicking is for opening treasure chests, doors, and other locked containers. You can get valuable loot, access an important area, or have some fun breaking into someone’s room and going through their stuff.

However, unlike the relatively simple lockpicking mechanics in other games, Starfield’s immediately starts with a challenging minigame in the form of a novice-difficulty linked safe. Continue reading if you’re eager to open this Digipick linked safe in Starfield but aren’t entirely sure how to.

Starfield – How to Unlock the Digipick Linked Safe

To open the Digipick linked safe, pick up the three Digipicks next to the container and interact with it to open the lockpicking minigame. From here, fit each key into the open slots, cycling through the keys as needed until you fill in the circle. Doing this will open the safe, allowing you to access its goods.

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The screenshots below show an example of what I found during my first playthrough.

Since there were five open slots, I knew I needed one three-point key and one two-point key. Starting with the three-point keys, I realized the fourth option did not fit into any spaces, regardless of where I moved it, so I focused on the first option. Once I slotted the key in, I moved on to the two-point options. Right away, seeing the holes so far away from each other, I was able to deduce that the second option was the right call.

Similarly, if your safe has four holes instead of five, you can use the same strategy. However, rather than using a three-point key, you’ll only need the two-point ones, automatically eliminating two of the four options.

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