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How to Unlock Rarely Affectionate Part 2 in Honkai Star Rail

The second part is surprisingly harder to trigger than expected

by Patrick Souza
Rarely Affectionate Part 2 Honkai Star Rail

Rarely Affectionate is Clara’s Companion Mission in Honkai: Star Rail. These are fully-voiced missions that give us a glimpse into the everyday life of some characters from the playable cast. They’re usually reserved for 4-stars that didn’t have enough screen time during the Trailblaze Missions, but Clara here shows us that there are some exceptions.

Triggering her first Mission and completing it is quite easy, but problems arise when we try to trigger its second part, as it might take a good while before it finally appears. Here’s how to unlock Rarely Affectionate Part 2 in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Unlock Rarely Affectionate Part 2 in Honkai: Star Rail

Rarely Affectionate (Part 2) is unlocked after completing Part 1, reaching Trailblaze Level 34 and completing the currently last available Trailblaze Mission in the game “Sinners Misled, Credence Falsified”

You won’t get the mission right away, though. You still need to wait for a while before you receive Clara’s text. Returning to the Parlor Car after a while seems to be the trigger for her text message. After completing it, there’s also another extra Mission named “No One is Answering”, which is unlocked the day after completing Part 2, but it’s just a bonus ending to the quest line.

Rarely Affectionate (Part 1), on the other hand, is unlocked naturally by progressing through the Jarilo-VI final Trailblaze Missions and reaching Level 30. Clara eventually texts you asking you to visit the Robot Settlement. She’ll initiate her Companion Mission which is pretty easy to follow. The mission ends after you help her change the thief robot’s carcass and you stop it from its rampage due to incompatibility. 

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She asks you to return after she figures out what to do with the robot, which may take some days. She just didn’t tell you that it would take THAT long. 

Reaching Level 34 is not as quick as it was with previous milestones, so you might wanna take your time completing some of the available Adventure Missions and spending your Trailblaze Power regularly to strengthen your characters. Take a look at our article on how to level up faster if you’re feeling lost on what you should do.

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