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All The Adventurous Moles Pages Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

Kids always know how to reward you for your troubles.

by Patrick Souza

Among the various missions in Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll come across Hook’s Companion Missions which will eventually branch out into The Adventurous Moles side mission. Unlocked after completing “Hook’s Treasure”, you can pick this mission up in Boulder Town. And after you grab it, congratulations! You now have to play along with these children until they’re satisfied. But hey, at least there’s a good treasure at the end, so it’s totally worth it. Here’s all the Adventurous Moles Pages locations in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Adventurous Moles Mission Guide and Pages Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

After talking with Julian, the boy tasks you with finding all of the missing pages from The Adventurous Moles book. He hands you the Table of Contents page, which hints at where you should look for those pages. The first location is given for free at the Great Mine, and this is your first goal.

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Head for the mines and grab the page as shown in the image above. For “The Missing Miner’s Lamp” objective, grab the lone lamp on the box and place it between the other lamps.

Return to Julian and he’ll command you to solve the other puzzles on your own. We’ll show you all of their locations below.

Backwater Pass

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Found on a bench in the southern-east area of the map. The page prompts you to “pay attention to the surrounding tables and chairs”, so turn your back and interact with them. You’ll notice a table that has a chair above it. Interact with it by choosing “Lift up the seat” and then “Lay it flat on the ground”. A chest will appear to congratulate you for your finding.

Rivet Town

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Go for the upper left corner Anchor and look to your right to find the missing page on a table. The main tip here is “Shelves, crates, arrange, same”. Take some extra steps forward to see those crates and shelves, so all that’s left is to arrange them in the same way.

Interact with the left shelf and “Pick up the crate in the middle”, then head for the other shelf and “Place it on the top”. Boom, another chest for the collection.

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Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

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You’ll find the most elusive page from all right next to the Anchor. The page is hidden in plain sight on a wall before the trenches. Grab it to find out that your tip is “to check the 4 guns stands every day to make sure there are exactly 3 guns per stand, no more and no less”. This is very straightforward, so interact with them as needed until you see 3 guns in every stand.

Go back to Julian after finding all three remaining pages and will send you to the Overworld to officially finish the mission! Gotta thank those kids for those Jades later.

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