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How to Unlock M16 in COD MW2 Open Beta

"Free fire zone with my M16, Vendetta burns inside"

by Nikola L

M16 is one of the most known firearms in the history of all weapons as it has had countless appearances in the history of gaming, movies, TV shows, and more. Of course, Activision has added the famous M16 to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta, and it is just one of many cool historically known weapons that you can unlock in CoD MW2. Here’s how to unlock the M16 in the CoD MW2 Open Beta.

How to Get M16 in CoD MW2 Open Beta

Getting the M16 is not that difficult on paper, but it’s a process that might take some time. Worry not! To most of you players out there, the M16 will come naturally as you play, but if you want to focus on getting it, here is what you need to do:

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If you want to obtain the M16, you need to level up the guns in the “tree” that precedes the M16. When you head out to your loadout, you should select the M4, and then, under it, you will see the “Gunsmith” option. Then, at the top of the screen, you will see the “Progression” card which you should open.

You will immediately notice that getting the M16 is related to the progression of the M4 and the .556 Icarus, and yes, this is correct. You will need to level up the M4 until the .556 Icarus is unlocked for you. Then, you need to level up the .556 Icarus until you unlock the M16 (levels are displayed in the game and they are subject to change, this is beta after all).

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Even though M16 is not the most powerful rifle, in theory, it’s always fun to play with it in every game it is available in.
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