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How to Unlock Knighthood Ability in Gotham Knights

Here's how to get some new tools.

by Jesse Vitelli

Gotham Knights allows you to play four different characters as they unravel a mystery transpiring in Gotham City. Whether you play as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, or Red Hood, you’ll have your own unique arsenal of weapons and gadgets to play around with. However, there are more powerful abilities you can obtain through Knighthood. Here is how to unlock the Knighthood ability in Gotham Knights.

How to Unlock Knighthood Ability

You will have to unlock Knighthood on each of the four characters separately. This requires you to complete a list of tasks found in the challenge menu. After completing the three required tasks, head back to the Belfry and interact with the Batman memorial. This will play a small cutscene and then give you access to your new Knighthood skill tree alongside a new toy for each character.

The challenges in the Knighthood tab are as follows:

  • Timed Strike Training: Complete the Time Strike Training 0/1
  • One Step Ahead: Stop Premeditated Crimes: 0/10
  • Against All Odds: Defeat Minibosses: 0/3

For the Timed Strike Training challenge, you will need to head over to the left side of The Belfry and interact with the training dummy. This will allow you to open up your training men. Select Timed Strike Training from the list of options under “advanced” and complete the tutorial.

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As for stopping premeditated crimes, you’ll need to do this while out on patrol. Hit your AR scan and look for purple triangle symbols on the map. This will indicate an area where you can defeat enemies to gather clues. If you interrogate an enemy, you’ll gain additional points.

The minibosses are a bit more situational, but you’ll encounter more as you progress through the main story. You’ll be able to find them at Criminal Strongholds as well.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to unlock the Knighthood ability in Gotham Knights. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games.