How to Unlock Eve in Disney Dreamlight Valley

She's sleek, she beeps, she's Eve!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eve

Let’s be real, Eve is so much better than WALL-E. Here’s how to recruit Eve in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Unlock Eve in Disney Dreamlight Valley (DDLV)

Getting Eve is no easy task, as it requires you to complete quite a few prerequisites before you can recruit her. But she’s worth it, right?

Here’s how to recruit Eve in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Step 1: You Must Have the ‘A Rift in Time’ Expansion

A Rift in Time is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first paid expansion, and it brings with it three new chapters, a brand-new region, and quite a few new characters. Eve included!

If you’re starting the game for the first time, you’ll need to complete the following quests before you can access Eve and her questline. Those quests are:

  • The Dream Castle
  • Making Cents of Things
  • Fishing Expedition
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening

These quests will give you the core establishments and allow you to start exploring the world. But if you’ve already completed them, you can jump right into the next step.

Step 2: Complete ‘The Port of Many Worlds’ Quest and Go to Eternity Isle

Eve is located on Eternity Isle. And to get to this new area, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘The Port of Many Worlds’.

The Port of Many Worlds is quick and straightforward. Speak to Jafar first, then speak to Merlin. He’ll ask you to meet him at the Dream Castle.

Speak to Merlin at the Dream Castle, where he’ll be on the second floor inside. He’ll be on the left side of the stairs, near a black gate. You’ll get a cut scene where you’ll be transported to Stardust Port.

Interact with the nearby boat to go to Eternity Isle, completing the ‘The Port of Many Worlds Quest’.

Step 3: Complete the Metal Nuisance Quest and Unlock the Royal Hourglass

The next step requires quite a bit more effort than the first two.

We’ll need to get our hands on the Royal Hourglass, which is a brand-new tool added with the DLC. The Royal Hourglass can control time, clear Swirling Sands, uncover hidden treasures, and help you craft new items. But to get it, we’ll need to complete The Flying Metal Nuisance quest.

To do this, speak to Jafar when you get to Stardust Port. He’ll tell you about Splinters of Fate. Clear out the Splinters of Fate, then speak to Jafar, who will tell you about a ‘metal nuisance’ guarding the Royal Tool.

This metal nuisance is Eve!  

Use the upgraded pickaxe that Jafar gives you to destroy the bronze rocks blocking you off from the rest of the isle. Then, cross the bridge west of the Docks to find Eve. You may have to break more bronze rocks to get to her.

Speak to Jafar again once you’ve found her, and he’ll tell you to go to Eve’s house. Eve’s house is just southwest of where you find her.

Inside Eve’s house, you’ll find piles of junk. Remove them to reveal Eve’s Memory, then speak to Jafar again. He’ll tell you to recreate the Memory you viewed by finding the costume you saw in the memory. And to find that costume, you’ll need to figure out where the memory took place.  

Fortunately, that area isn’t far. It’s right behind the waterfall, across the bridge from where Eve is. Behind the waterfall, you’ll find a room with a chest. Inside the chest will be Eve’s Treasures, which contains a Robot Hat and Robot Costume.

Put on that outfit and speak to Eve again. She’ll give you a recipe, called Best Frish Forever, which you’ll need to cook.

Best Fish Forever requires the following ingredients:

  • Robot Fish – Can be fished for around The Docks, look for orange ripples.
  • Cumin – Can be foraged for around Eternity Isle.
  • Celery – Seeds can be purchased from Goofy at The Docks.
  • Sea Snail – Can be fished for around the docks, look for blue ripples.

Once you’ve cooked up the dish, return to Eve and give it to her. She’ll then allow you to take the Royal Hourglass. But we’re not done!

Step 4: Complete the Directive: Danger! Quest

Our last step requires quite a few photos. Speak to Eve once you’ve got the Royal Hourglass in hand and she’ll give you the quest ‘Directive: Danger!’.

She’ll ask you to take the following photos:

  • A giant tree with hanging lanterns near the well
  • The small wooden boat you arrived in
  • A giant statue face in a hallway
  • A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls

The giant tree with hanging lanterns is the well near where you’ll speak to Eve.

The small wooden boat is the one you arrived to Eternity Isle on.

The giant statue face in a hallway is beside the well, and it’s against the rock wall, kind of wedged between the stone columns. It’s not in an actual hallway.

The final photo, which is a sunken doorway, can be found by going towards Eve’s house and taking a photo of the half-submerged door in the pool adjacent to the house.

Return to Eve once you have these photos, and she’ll ask for… even more photos. To get the next set of pictures, you’ll need to complete The Sand in the Hourglass main quest so you can access the rest of the isle. The photos you’ll need to take are much broader. They are:

  • Rapunzel
  • Gaston
  • A snake
  • A boat in The Grove sitting atop a large rock
  • A fly traps in the jungle area
  • The waterfall of sand on the eastern side of The Plains

Once that’s done, return to Eve again. She’ll then become a Villager!

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