How to Unlock Eternity Isle Biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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When you first land on DDLV Rift in Time’s Eternity Isle, you’ll arrive in Ancient’s Landing and explore the region, unlocking more features and resources. Here’s how to unlock new biomes in Eternity Isle so you can progress further in the story and discover new items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Unlock Eternity Isle in Dreamlight Valley

Before you can unlock biomes in Dreamlight Valley’s Eternity Isle, you’ll first need to unlock Eternity Isle itself by completing the following story missions:

  • The Dream Castle (Merlin Quest)
  • Making Cents of Things (Scrooge McDuck Quest)
  • Fishing Expedition (Goofy Quest)
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening

After completing those four early story quests, you’ll meet Jafar, who will task you with finding a hidden port containing the Ancient Vessel.


Dreamlight Valley’s Eternity Isle is part of the A Rift in Time premium expansion pack. To access Eternity Isle, you’ll need to purchase the expansion and update your game.

You’ll next want to talk to Merlin. Follow him, and he’ll lead you to the hidden port in the Dream Castle. From here, you can interact with the Ancient Vessel and travel to Eternity Isle.

How to Open Eternity Isle Biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlocking Eternity Isle biomes requires obtaining the Royal Hourglass, collecting mist, and using it to open time rifts. These time rifts behave the same as the ones in Dreamlight Valley that use Dreamlight to clear out large night thorns.

If you attempt to open Eternity Isle’s new biomes before getting the hourglass, Merlin will tell you more research is necessary, prompting you to progress further in the story.

By advancing through the Eternity Isle quest line and getting the Royal Hourglass, the game naturally introduces you to opening biomes, allowing you to familiarize yourself with this system shortly after unlocking it.

How to Get Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mist is Eternity Isle’s equivalent to Dreamlight. However, while Dreamlight requires completing Dreamlight duties, you must instead complete Mist duties to obtain the titular resource for unlocking biomes. These mist duties appear in your Dreamlight menu while you’re exploring Eternity Isle and include tasks exclusive to the region.

You can also obtain mist by clearing Splinters of Fate and Swirling Sands alongside using your Royal Hourglass to find hidden sources. Doing these things will also passively complete Mist duties and give more of this valuable resource.

Once you have enough mist for a biome upgrade, approach any time rift and converse with Merlin to repair it, allowing you permanent access to your chosen area.

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