How To Unlock Cosmetics & Fatalities In Mortal Kombat 1

How do you unlock different items in Mortal Kombat 1?

With the newest generation of Mortal Kombat games, there is an expectation of plenty of unlockable items that will help you customize your character to new heights. Being able to slap some new gear onto your favorite fighter is always welcomed here, especially when every character involved looks as good as they do here. But, if you’re hoping to start unlocking some goodies of your own, you may be wondering where you need to go first. Never fear, Prima Games is here to help you start unlocking some goodies of your own.

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How To Unlock New Items In Mortal Kombat 1 – Answered

Play Through The Story Mode To Unlock Plenty Of Gear

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Not only does the Story Mode for Mortal Kombat 1 get our seal of approval, but it’s also an easy way to unlock some rather slick cosmetics for your favorite characters and combatants. While it may be a curated list of items that you can unlock this way, you’ll get a great head start on customizing every character in the game. Even if you don’t play as them in the story, you’ll still get some goodies to make a statement on the battlefield with your favorite later.

Keep An Eye On Your Progression In The Menu

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On the Main Menu, you can access your Player Sheet. This separate menu will give you information on how well you’ve played, your history, and so much more. But more importantly, you can unlock special cosmetics, brutalities, and fatalities by progressing your Character Mastery gauge to the next level. You can continue earning points in these particular fields by playing online, playing against human opponents, and progressing throughout the Invasions Mode.

Keep An Eye On Your Favorite Kameo, Too

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Not only can you unlock new gear for your favorite main fighter, but you can also get your hands on plenty of unique goodies by progressing along with your favorite Kameo fighter. If you hope you can turn off your Kameo fighters, this may be a great argument against that fact. While their customization options may not be as robust as the main characters, you’ll still find a variety of unique and fun items at your disposal here.

Play Invasions & Towers To Get Plenty Of Unique Items

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Rather than having the Krypt this year, you’ll have the more board-game-esque Invasions mode to lose countless hours in. With this branching storyline that changes with the introduction of new Seasons, you’ll be able to earn plenty of unique items. By completing the tutorial alone, you’ll unlock a fair number of new cosmetics for Johnny Cage, so if you love playing as him, be sure to check out this particular mode.

Spend Your Coins At The Shrine For New Items

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Finally, if you’re hoping to use the luck of the Gods on your side, you can utilize the Shrine that is found in the Main Menu to unlock a random new item. Sure, not everything you unlock will be a win (unless you’re like me and love to browse through the Concept Art), but if you’re lucky enough, you could strike gold and get yourself some unique cosmetics quickly and easily. Each toss for this is going to run you 1,000 Coins, which can be earned by completing Daily Challenges, Weekly Challenges, or by playing through Invasions.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on unique items and cosmetics, so get ready to customize your favorite Characters once again when you jump into Mortal Kombat 1. No matter if you’ve never touched a Mortal Kombat game before or you’ve been on board with the franchise since the beginning, this is another excellent entry. Now, get ready to unlock the creepiest character in the game, and get ready for Kombat.

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