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How To Unlock Breach and Clear ‘Weakened Clear’ in Destiny 2

Break their shield then break their spirit

by Daphne Fama

December 6 brought to Destiny 2 The Season of The Seraph, and with it came a whole slew of new quests, modes, and unlockables. Among these are the Seraph Cipher, the artifact that Guardians will level throughout the Season to gain mods for their armor and weapons.

While Seasonal artifacts can be hit or miss in terms of what mods they offer, one mod seems to be particularly good. Weakened Clear is a Class Item Mod that costs 5 energy. When applied, when using a Grenade Launcher, damaging a boss, damaging a Champion, or breaking a combatant’s shield, your stowed weapon will reload and your enemy will weaken.

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That’s a lot of chances to trigger this mod. But if this description sounds familiar, it’s for good reason. Weakened Clear is just Breach and Clear by another name. Breach and Clear was first introduced in the summer of 2021 and was presumed retired. But now players can relive the glory dates (or experience it for the first time) with this mod.

Here’s how to unlock it.

How To Unlock Breach and Clear ‘Weakened Clear’ in Destiny 2

Mods are unlocked in the Seraph Cipher Artifact by leveling it up. Leveling up your artifact is fairly straightforward – you only need to gain XP, usually by doing whatever it is you like to do best in Destiny 2. The Crucible, Story Missions, and even the Raids are all great options, but one of the best ways to farm EXP is bounties. You can further expedite this process by equipping your Ghost with an Experience Ghost Mod, which will increase XP gain by 12%.

As your artifact gains levels, you’ll need to choose mods to unlock the next column. Don’t worry if you’re not certain what mod you want. You have the ability to reset it once it’s completely leveled. Weakened Clear is on the very last row of the Seraph Cipher Artifact, which means you’ll need to unlock 14 other mods before it becomes accessible. It can be a bit of a grind, but Weakened Clear is worth it.

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