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How to Unlock Active Duty Operators in COD DMZ

Build your personal squad.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Active Duty Operator

Active Duty Operators bring a feature to the Call of Duty: DMZ mode that players have wanted for a long time, and that is the ability to store backpacks and other equipment. So, how can you start using these new versions of Operators and unlocking more along the way?

Everyone will start with the standard Ranger Operator in an Active Duty Operator slot that serves as the standard when opening up COD DMZ in Season 3. To clear up the fresh feature though, we’ll outline how these Operators work and how you can unlock more in COD Modern Warfare 2: DMZ.

COD DMZ – How to Unlock Active Duty Operators

When you load up the DMZ mode in Season 3, you’ll have access to three different Operator slots for use at any time. As you choose a slot, you’ll be able to hire one of your characters, customize their cosmetics, and retain any gear you’ve collected for them. Their exfil streak will also be displayed.

For the time being there are only three default slots and a fourth Active Duty Operator slot can be unlocked by purchasing one of the store bundles called Bomb Squad. This bundle also comes with a default medium backpack and decreased cooldown on Insured Weapon Slots.

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As players progress through more of the new Faction Missions, there may be a way to unlock additional Active Duty Operator slots as rewards like Insured Weapon Slots, but that remains to be seen. In the meantime, get your current Operators geared up before Building 21 opens up once again.

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