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How to Unbind Keys in CS:GO

No, don't troll your friends by unbinding their attack button.

by Nikola L

Did you make a mistake while creating a bind in CS:GO console, or did you just want to clear a key and start over? No problem, unbinding keys in CS:GO is not a complicated procedure at all, and we will be glad to show you the easiest way to unbind keys in CS:GO, here at Prima Games.

How to Clear a Bind From a Key in CS:GO in the Console

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In order to unbind a key in CS:GO, you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the developer console by pressing the “~” key. If you do not have the console enabled, check out this guide.
  2. Type unbind followed by the key you want to unbind. For example, if you want to unbind the “T” key, you would type unbind T. If you want to unbind your Mouse 1, you would need to type unbind Mouse1. A lot of players use Mouse Wheel Up or Mouse Wheel Down for various commands, so to clear these you will need to type unbind mwheelup or unbind mwheeldown.
  3. Press Enter to confirm the execution of this console command.
  4. Test out to see if your key is truly unbound, just to make sure.

Once you’ve executed the command, the key will be unbound and you will no longer be able to use it for its previous function. Now, you can use the bind command to bind a new command to the desired key.

How to Bind a Key in CS:GO

It’s a reverse process from unbinding, logically, and here are some examples which you can use to your advantage:

First one clears all the extra effects on the map that happen during the game (blood smears, explosions, bullet holes…) so that you can more clearly see stuff around you:

bind h “r_clearDecals”

The second one allows you to temporarily mute voice chat, if you want to focus on clutching the game instead of being distracted by four people yelling in the microphone:

bindtoggle n voice_enable
bind “n” “toggle voice_enable”

You will notice that quotation marks are not necessary sometimes. In these examples, you only really need them to round up a command that has a space in it so that you can signal to the console that it’s a singular command.

We have more useful console commands like this for you in the below article:

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How to Troll Friend With Console Binds in CS:GO

Assuming you’re watching your friend play CS:GO, you can quickly type in bind mouse1 kill when the friend is not looking or is absent from the room. Now, each time they try to “attack” they’ll just… attack themselves! Please don’t use this in matchmaking, leave it for Deathmatch, Arms Race, and other casual, unranked mods.

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