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How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Starfield

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After finally getting control of your character in Starfield, it might not take you too long until you start feeling some motion sickness from quickly moving your camera, especially during your very first conflict in the game. Fortunately, the game already comes with some options to alleviate this issue, or just get rid of it completely. Here’s how you can turn off Motion Blur in Starfield.

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How to Remove Motion Blur in Starfield

To turn off Motion Blur, open the game’s menu (F1 on PC or press Start twice on consoles) and head to Settings > Display. Look for Motion Blur and set it to OFF. Motion Blur is set to Medium by default, and you can tune it higher or lower in this option if you want to.

Starfield Motion Blur Option
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If you feel like this flashy blur helps in your immersion, then you can just set it to Low instead to avoid a headache. If you aren’t bored by it, you can even set it to High. Some people do enjoy blur that much, so feel free to test it out.

Here’s a quick comparison of how the game looks like with both settings (Off and High):

  • Starfield Motion Blur High
  • Starfield Motion Blur Off

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As you can see, things get really…blurry when Motion Blur is active (as one could expect), while having no blur at all makes it easier to actually distinguish objects and people right in front of you. It all comes down to a personal preference at the end of the day, but I highly recommend setting Motion Blur to Low or just turning it off completely.

Getting your perfect settings right off the bat is always a good habit to have when starting a new game, so take a few minutes to scroll down through Starfield’s configurations before heading out in your actual missions. But don’t be confused if you don’t immediately find certain options like a FOV slider.

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