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How to Throw your Lightsaber in Jedi Survivor

Catch and release.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Lightsaber Throw Jedi Survivor

When you start Jedi Survivor, you’ll see right away that there are plenty of standard abilities for Cal that were considered unlocks in Fallen Order. Five years later though, Cal is much more experience, and the ability to throw your lightsabers is second nature for the main character.

Though it’s not an integral ability to have within Jedi Survivor, throwing a lightsaber can be a great way to zone enemies or knock some nuisances out of the sky. We’ll go over how to easily toss the saber whenever needed, and how the system works in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – How to Throw your Lightsaber

There are a ton of different button combinations for Cal to make use of, and that means having certain buttons serve as a starting point for further options. One example is the block button, which is L1/LB on a controller, and the right mouse button on keyboard and mouse. Blocking can open up the opportunity for attacks like lunges, or it can allow Cal to throw his saber.

Lightsaber Throw in Jedi Survivor:

  • Hold the block button, which is L1/LB on a controller, or the right mouse button on a keyboard and mouse.
  • While blocking, initiate the special attack, which is Triangle/Y on a controller, or F on a keyboard and mouse.
  • Cal will quickly toss his lightsaber in the direction you are aiming, and within a moment, the saber will return to his hand.
  • Make sure to be locked onto enemies for a more accurate throw.

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Most lightsaber stances will have skills that allow for a more powerful throw attack. Holding the throw on the Double-Bladed lightsaber, for example, will cause it to hover for longer while you aim using the standard camera. Even outside of combat, I was addicted to repeatedly using the lightsaber throws in Jedi Survivor for the flashy animations alone.

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