How to Tame, Feed, and Breed Armadillo in Minecraft

Just don't shoot at it, it might ricochet the wrong way.

Armadillo Minecraft
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Armadillo is the new mob in Minecraft that has been introduced with the most recent update. If you are wondering how to tame, feed, and breed Armadillo in Minecraft, check out our guide below.

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How to Find an Armadillo in Minecraft

You will find Armadillo in the Savanna biomes in Minecraft, and there are rumors they can spawn in Badlands as well. They’re desert animals in real life, after all. If an Armadillo is agitated by something in the surroundings (another enemy mob such as zombies, skeletons, phantoms, withers, or you), it will roll up like in real life, and you can easily mistake it for a regular block. Approach them with caution if you want to interact with them.

Can You Tame an Armadillo in Minecraft?

It is not possible to tame an Armadillo in Minecraft. Not in the sense that it will become your pet and follow you around. But, you can “befriend” them and attempt to breed them, but that’s all you’re going to achieve.

First, you will need to approach it slowly to prevent it from becoming agitated and running away from you. The best advice is to not sprint and to not ride vehicles/animals as Armadillos will find that intimidating. Then, you need to feed it with the food they like.

How to Feed an Armadillo in Minecraft – What Does an Armadillo Eat?

Unfortunately, so far I’ve established that Armadillos only eat spider eyes. You can get the spider eyes by killing witches, spiders, and cave spiders in various locations in Minecraft. Also, it is possible to find them in some chests in the Desert Temple (Desert Pyramid), but the probability is under 1 in 3.

To feed an Armadillo, drop them some spider eyes. You can also use the spider eyes to lure them (to move them) because you can’t really tame them and order them around. This will help you breed Armadillos.

You’ll also want to learn how to tame a wolf in Minecraft if you want to breed Armadillos.

How to Breed an Armadillo in Minecraft

You can start an Armadillo farm if you find at least two adult Armadillos close to each other in the wild. All you have to do is bring them closer by offering them food they love (Spider Eyes) and then building a fence around them. After a while (if they are well fed) a small Armadillo will spawn, and eventually grow into an adult one. You will be able to farm Armadillos for their scutes, which are an essential ingredient for Wolf Armor.

Here are some Minecraft Desert Seeds if you want to cut down on the time needed to search for Spider Eyes.

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