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How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

It's as simpurr as it could be

by Patrick Souza
How to Tame a Cat Minecraft

Playing Minecraft alone can get lonely really fast, so why not try playing it with a cat? Human interactions are just too difficult to bother with. Even better, why not get a Minecraft cat?! Pets will instantly love you as long as you give them their favorite treats in both real life and game, so getting one is not that difficult. Here’s how you can tame a cat in the game.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

All you gotta do to win them is to use their stomach. Approach a stray cat while you’re holding a Raw Cod or a Raw Salmon and use the fish on it. If you do, the kitten will start following you, purring whenever you’re around, and being the most adorable thing ever. Stray cats in real life take some extra steps, but it’s basically the same thing.

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Cats will usually spawn near villages that have at least 5 claimed beds, and a maximum of 5 cats can be around that same village at the same time. You can also find them inside swamp huts as a witch is not truly a witch without her loyal feline companion. Spawn rules will vary a little bit for Bedrock Edition but the spawning points are still the same.

In order to find your cat treats, try looking inside oceans or other open sea areas. You can either kill the fish directly and collect them raw or go for a more civilized method and patiently fish them. If you just want a cat already, just dip those toes inside the water at once to grab that easy cat food. They’ll never expect you.

Cats serve not only as cute furry companions but also as a way to repel Creepers and Phantoms alike, making them invaluable to protecting your house. So go and grab a cat right now. This is not a suggestion. Just do it. Now!

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