How to Talk to Katherine Luzion in Starfield

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How to speak to Katherine Luzion in Starfield
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As you roam through the slums of Neon, you will eventually need to speak with Katherine Luzion, a humble but very troubled store owner. She brushes you off when you attempt to converse with her and promises that she will talk to you later. However, you keep waiting, and she always has the same response. Here’s how to talk to Katherine Luzion in Starfield.

How to Speak to Katherine Luzion in Starfield

In order to speak to Katherine Luzion successfully, you need to skip time in Starfield. This can be done easily by sitting on a nearby chair just outside the shop. Leave the store and turn right, where you will see some tables and chairs. Interact with a chair to sit down, then press the “Wait” prompt when it appears (B on PC).

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Move the slider based on how long you’d like to wait. Try 24 hours first, and if Katherine Luzion still won’t speak to you, try waiting one more day.

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After you finally engage in a discussion with Katherine Luzion in Starfield, you will learn what exactly is bothering her (no details to avoid spoilers), and you will be asked to investigate the matter and get to the bottom of the situation.

If you decide to accept her proposal and need help with what to do, here’s a guide that covers the next part of the quest. Good luck!

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