Should You Kill or Spare Rusty in Starfield?

Terrible situation altogether.

Kill or Persuade Rusty in Starfield
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Katherine Luzion’s husband has met an untimely demise in Starfield, and your investigation has confirmed foul play. You have found the person responsible for the murder of Katherine Luzion’s husband, and it’s time to decide if you should kill or spare Rusty. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Find Rusty in Starfield

Rusty can either be tracked by following the quest line, which leads you to the area where he’s hiding, or he can bump into you in Neon. If you do the latter, he will try to beg you for money, inevitably leading to his detailed confession of the misdeed that he has committed. After you push him around for a bit, that is. Poor Thomas. Sadly, I could not find out who his “friend” was. No matter what I tried, he refused to give up that information to me.

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Should You Kill or Persuade Rusty in Starfield?

No matter how you decide to proceed, Katherine Luzion will give you the same reward. The choice is ultimately up to you about how you should proceed. Katherine gets closure on the situation, and you should just ask yourself if “eye for an eye” vengeance does anything good in this world.

What Happens If You Kill Rusty in Starfield

If you kill Rusty in Starfield, you’ll get his low-value loot and some XP. He’s one of the weaker characters in the game, meaning his pistol, Solstice, is not something you’d want to keep in your inventory. I originally opted to kill him but then just loaded my last save file; there’s really not much value here.

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What Happens If You Persuade Rusty in Starfield

If you persuade Rusty to leave and never come back, you will get some XP and a slight increase in your Persuasion skill. You can kill Rusty anyway afterward, but your Companion will probably dislike it and abandon you. Senseless and unprovoked acts of violence are frowned upon here.

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