How to Survive the Project Zomboid Helicopter Event

Don't let a pesky eye in the sky cut your life short!

Project Zomboid Helicopter Event
Screenshot by Prima Games

Despite its graphics, Project Zomboid is one of the most in-depth zombie survival games. Constantly throwing curveballs to ensure you don’t survive. And if you’re struggling with learning how to survive the helicopter event in Project Zomboid, rest assured that you’re not alone, but we’re here to help.

What is the Helicopter Event in Project Zomboid?

The helicopter event in Project Zomboid is a random off-screen event that occurs after a short respite at the beginning of the game. You will have a few days to get your bearings, loot some necessary items, like food, water, and a weapon, and fortify a small base to avoid the zombie hordes.

Once a few days pass, however, the helicopter event can spawn. When it does, you cannot see the helicopter flying above, but you can hear it. But so can every zombie in the area, and they’re all attracted to it. Unfortunately, the helicopter likes to hover above the player, which leads hordes of zombies directly to your position.

If you’re outside, it will follow you. It’s often best to hide when you hear the helicopter and wait for it to leave the area.

How to Survive the Helicopter Event in Project Zomboid

Helicopter Event Project Zomboid
Screenshot by Prima Games

To survive the helicopter event in Project Zomboid—once again—it’s often best to hide. But even that isn’t a failsafe plan. Even if the helicopter does not spot you, the noise will draw zombies to the immediate area, and that’s likely where you are. They will find you.

As such, I recommend leaving. Just outright walking away from your base. It typically takes about half the day before the helicopter gives up and leaves the map altogether. Once it’s gone, you can sneak back to your base. If you want, you could even arrange a small campsite in the woods or a secondary base in the next town over, that way you can shift between the two.

Even after the helicopter leaves, many zombies will remain. You may need to clear your original base, at least the exterior, to feel safe and secure again.

Survival Tips and Tricks

  • Keep calm! The worst thing you can do during the helicopter event is to panic. It will cause you to make significant mistakes that may wind up with the death of your current character.
  • Your goal is to remain ahead of any horde, so keep on the move for the entire day. You will want to walk or drive to a new region of the map, somewhere you do not want to explore or loot and draw the hordes in that direction.
  • If you have a stable and durable base set up, and if you’re feeling confident, you can remain indoors and hide from the helicopter. It will hover over your base briefly before eventually moving along. During this time, zombies may surround you. Again, do not panic. Just stay inside, with the windows shut and covered, and keep the noise to an absolute minimum.

To help you succeed against the helicopter event in Project Zomboid, we recommend leveling up your mechanics skill to ensure you have a sweet ride out of town!

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