How to Survive a Paranormal Attack in BitLife


Survive a paranormal attack in BitLife
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What better way to celebrate a spooky, scary season than to explore paranormal activities in BitLife? Whether you’re trying to complete a weekend challenge or want to get up to wacky shenanigans, getting haunted houses and ghosts involved is risky but often entertaining. It’s time to talk about how to survive a paranormal attack in BitLife.

BitLife: How to Survive a Paranormal Attack From Ghosts

Initiating a paranormal attack in BitLife requires purchasing a haunted property, summoning or attempting to exorcise a ghost, and having it retaliate. The less friendly a ghost is, the higher the odds it will attack you. To survive this attack, keep your character’s health at 100% by exercising, curing their ailments, and sticking to healthy diets. From here, the rest is up to luck.

In other words, even if your health is at 100%, the ghost you summon or exorcise may decide to eliminate you immediately with a powerful attack, giving you no chance to defend yourself. However, this is a rare scenario; in most cases, they’ll inflict enough damage to hurt your character slightly.

Whether you summon or exorcise a ghost will depend on your end goal. If you must exorcise ghosts for an achievement or challenge, choose this option until you finish it. Otherwise, summoning the ghost is often a safer tactic, especially if they’re unfriendly toward you.

The only downside is that friendly ghosts are unlikely to attack you when summoned. Exorcising the ghost a few times first will lower their friendliness toward you, but you risk successfully exorcising them. Be careful with this tactic!

Surviving a paranormal attack also comes with some side effects. If you’re lucky, the damage will be minimal, and you can carry on with your character’s life with zero issues. However, in many cases, you’ll have lasting damage that you can reduce by going to the gym and walking. In extreme situations, visit the emergency room to boost your health before exercising again.

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