How to Surrender in Starfield

When you just can't defeat the entire law enforcement.

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Similar to the Elder Scrolls series, Starfield has law enforcement who hunt you down if you break the rules, and, depending on what you’ve done, you will be either on the “kill on sight” list or be jailed or fined. When faced with a situation where you can’t win, surrendering to the authorities is the easiest way to get out alive in Starfield. Here’s how.

How to Surrender to the Authorities in Starfield

To surrender in Starfield, you need to holster your weapon when officers are chasing you and then approach them, like in a typical Hollywood cop movie.

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Once you’ve holstered your weapon, approach the nearest officer and face your destiny. They will give you two options, which are to pay off a bounty or to serve jail time. There is a third option, which sees you killing them, but that might be too far.

Note that if you have committed too many atrocities, you might be considered too dangerous to be left alive, and surrender will not be an option anymore. So, my advice is to remain as law-abiding as possible to avoid some headaches later down the road. If you cause problems, either mend them right away or reload your save.

How to Holster Your Weapon in Starfield

  • On PC: Hold your Reload button (default R) to holster your weapon.
  • On Xbox: Hold your Reload button (default X) to holster your weapon.

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