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How to Stop Starfield Mods from Blocking Achievements

Nice mod support you have there, Bethesda

While this might be a rare occurrence, certain mods for Starfield end up being more invasive than expected, which makes the game recognize them as enough to restrict the player from obtaining achievements in that save file, just as if they’ve used the Console menu. But modders are always swift in their reactions, and there’s already a fix for that.

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How to Re-enable Achievements in Modded Starfield

The Achievement Enabler for Starfield has become one of the most basic and popular mods, thanks to that, and it lets you do as you please with no consequences to your inner completionist. It lets you earn achievements once again, even if you’ve already used the Console or added these game-altering mods to your installation. Starfield automatically disables achievement once it detects cheats or mods that can make them easier, but this single mod prevents it from doing so. As you’ve already installed other mods, you’ll probably have no issues with adding a new one.

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Starfield does this to prevent players from instantly getting all their achievements without breaking a sweat, which is a common practice in certain games. If you still want to get achievements, you would normally need to find an unmodded/uncheated file and resume from there. If you have this achievement-enabling mod, this stops being such a problem.

If you missed certain achievements like “Reach Level X,” you’ll receive them the next time you level up. If you missed the Level 10 Achievement and you are already at Level 17, you’ll get it once you reach Level 18, for example. Other achievements might be permanently lost for this save file, though, such as mission-specific achievements. If you want to get this, you have to either wait for New Game+ or start a new save from scratch.

While the mod can’t recover those missed achievements, it will certainly prevent you from losing any other future ones. So feel free to continue those Story missions with no worries in mind. Here’s how you can complete Into the Unknown.

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