How to Steal Items and Not Get Caught in Starfield

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When acquiring loot in Starfield, there are a few fairly straightforward ways to snag it. You can either check loot containers while exploring hostile or uninhabited areas, or you can loot some corpses of their precious goods. As with previous Bethesda games, there’s another method you can go about it. Here’s how to steal items and not get caught in Starfield.

How to Steal From NPCs in Starfield

If you want to steal loot from your enemies, there are a few simple ways that you can go about it. The main way is the usual stealth method of being crouched, making very little noise, and planning carefully for your next move. This all is obvious, though, and there are a few ways to make things much easier.

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First things first, there are two skills you want to max as soon as possible. These are the Stealth skill under the Physical tree and the Theft skill under the Social tree. The former will allow you to sneak around unseen and make little noise as often as possible (something that’s helpful in combat), while the latter lets you pickpocket other characters with a much higher success rate. At max rank on Theft, you’ll have a 50% increased pickpocket success chance and can even pilfer their weapons.

The other way to make things easier is through the Void Form power. This power renders you basically invisible, making stealing loot that much easier. It does take a bit for your Energy to recharge, so you shouldn’t expect to spam this, but it can help when you quickly want one thing off the poor fool.

Employ the above tactics, and you’ll be amassing a horde of loot in no time. This will also get you tons of Credits when you go to sell it, and who doesn’t love some extra money on the side? If you’re having trouble because vendors only have a small amount of money, check out our guide on how to reset a Vendor’s money in Starfield.

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