How to Start the Lunar Awakening Event in Diablo 4

Get started on the shrine grind

Ying-Yue Start Diablo 4
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The Lunar Awakening event has arrived in Diablo 4 Season 3, and just like any other update for the game, you need to speak to a fresh NPC to get started. Kicking the revelry off will only take a few minutes, and then you can get grinding for favor.

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Where to Start the Lunar Awakening in Diablo 4

You can start the Lunar Awakening event by speaking to Ying-Yue in the northern section of Ked Bardu. These vendors are always found in one of the main towns, and Ked Bardu can be found on the northern side of the Dry Steppes. Even with a Seasonal character, any town waypoints will automatically be unlocked, so feel free to teleport there.

Lunar Awakening Vendor Diablo 4
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Once you reach Ked Bardu, you can speak to Ying-Yue, the Lunar Night Market leader. This isn’t a full-blown quest-giver like you would see in a new season. Instead, Ying-Yue will act much like Gileon from the Midwinter Blight. They are both lead NPCs that serve as the central hub for you to start the event.

After speaking to Ying-Yue, you can start on the Ancestor’s Favor reputation board. This will be your main avenue for tracking how much favor you have earned during the Lunar Awakening and how much more you need for each reward. There are 10 levels to complete for Ancestor’s Favor, and six of them will lead to the cosmetics I know every player wants to get a hold of.

Sure, they might not be as in-depth as the store armors, but the Lunar Awakening cosmetics have a limited time for unlock in Diablo 4. Players will have from February 6 to February 20 to earn all the Ancestor’s Favor they need. In that time, grinding Vault Sigils will be your best bet. Afterward, the Lunar Awakening Night Market will pack up, and it’s time to move on.

In between earning favor, make sure to take on some more Vaults in the Season of the Construct.

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