How to Start Fleeca Job in GTA Online

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GTA Online Fleeca Bank
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There are countless ways to earn money in GTA Online, but none that pay nearly as well as one of the many heists you can set up and tackle. Here is how to start Fleeca Job, the first heist in GTA Online.

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How to Start GTA Online’s Fleeca Job

To start the Fleeca Job in GTA Online, you will first need a High-End Apartment, available from the Dynasty 8 website via your mobile phone. It can be the cheapest apartment available, so long as it includes a heist room, all of which becomes available around level 12.

Once you have the apartment and heist room, Lester Crest will contact you with a plan for your very first heist, Fleeca Job, and he offers to cover all setup expenses for this first gig. With you as the host, it’s pure profit if done right.

After you purchase an apartment with a heist room, you can visit Lester Crest at his garment factory, the same as the one in the campaign, which is marked with an “L” on the map. There, you will watch a cutscene, then return to your heist setup room.

From the heist room, you can start prepping the job at the computer and finding another player to tackle the gig with you, as it’s a two-person job. For this, select Matchmaking and leave it to “Open” and “Auto Invite” to help you find another player. Although, I do recommend playing with a friend. It’s much easier to communicate and split the cut that way.

In any case, one person is the Driver, and one is the Driller. The first person breaks into the bank itself, completing a hacking mini-game and drilling into the vault. The Driver, on the other hand, controls witnesses through intimidation and shoots out the cameras.

For completing Fleeca Job, you will earn approximately (with some variation):

  • Easy – $100,000.
  • Normal – $200,000.
  • Hard – $250,000.

How to Complete Fleeca Job in GTA Online

As the first heist in the multiplayer mode, the Fleeca Job is simple and straightforward. You will have two setup missions. One will have you scope out the bank itself, which involves driving to the bank, while the other player completes a hacking mini-game in the passenger seat. The second setup mission requires you to steal the Armored Kuruma, which involves a shootout on top of a parking garage in Los Santos. Again, straightforward.

With both setup missions complete, it’s time for the heist itself. Once you choose to tackle the Fleeca Job in GTA Online, your objectives will include:

  1. Picking up the Armored Kuruma from the garment factory.
  2. Driving to the Fleeca Bank.
  3. On the way, the Driller in the passenger seat will tackle three instances of the hacking mini-game.
  4. Once you both arrive at the bank, with the hack complete, the Driller will open their phone to unlock the bank’s front doors.
  5. Now, head indoors and do not kill anyone. The goal is to intimidate them by shooting nearby or aiming a weapon at them. The Driver will need to destroy the surveillance cameras in the bank, too.
  6. At the same time, the Driller will head to the back and start drilling into the vault. This is yet another mini-game, but this time, the Driller needs to press gently forward to apply pressure on the door and break through the lock.
  7. Once done, the Driller will collect the loot inside the vault and return to the car for a quick escape.

Once you’re done, you’ll have an easy payout, and the whole job should have taken 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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