How to Spectate Other Players in Overwatch 2

Sometimes, all you need is another pair of eyes.

Overwatch 2, like any other game, is centered around playing it rather than watching. Sure, you have the Overwatch League and several other small pro events that you can watch, but it’s a game that most people choose to play. Still, whether it be having a meal, doing a little work, or simply wanting to chill out, spectating can be a great way to still be engaged in your friends’ gaming session. Here’s how to spectate other players in Overwatch 2.

How to Watch Other People Play in Overwatch 2

How you spectate other players in Overwatch 2 heavily depends on what mode you’re trying to spectate them in. Thankfully, we’ll break that down below. Here are all the different ways to spectate!

Quick Play and Arcade

Select the player you wish to spectate and press the Spectate button. This will let you watch their game but won’t put you in should a member of their team disconnect. This can only be done once the player is already in a match, and you’ll need to do it each time a new game starts.

Custom Games

When entering the custom game lobby, you’ll need to ask the lobby leader to move you over to the Spectators team. If you’re the group leader and want to move a player to spectate, select them in the lobby and select Swap to Spectators. You can do the same process if you wish to swap them to either the Red or Blue team.


It is impossible to spectate other players in Competitive. If this were allowed, it would be like having a sixth player (or even more), which would constantly damage the game’s competitive integrity. If you want to spectate your friend in Competitive, the only option is to have them stream the game to a place like Discord or Twitch.

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While the methods of spectating differ depending on your mode, being able to let you share in the joys of a friend executing a major play that could win a team fight. That, or you can make fun of them for their mistakes. We know which one you’ll be doing more.

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