How to Solve the Temple of Eta Puzzle (Investigate the Anomaly) in Starfield

If it glows, it goes

Zoomed-out view of the Temple of Eta puzzle in Starfield

Oh, did you think you were done with the ice-cracked planet, Procyon III? Nope, we’re just getting started. One of the first things you’ll need to do after bringing back a piece of the Artifact to the Lodge is go right back where you started. But this time, we’ve got a strange puzzle to solve. Here’s how to solve the puzzle in Temple Eta in Starfield.

Starfield: How to Solve the Temple Eta Puzzle (Into the Unknown)

The Constellations just won’t leave you alone! They drag you all the way back to the Lodge to hand them two new slices of Artifact, just to send you back to Procyon III.

Once you get back to this snowy planet, you’ll need to follow your scanner to Temple Eta. This ancient building can be accessed by a narrow corridor in its front. And what awaits you inside? A sphere similar to the one you’ll see in the Lodge will appear. But… then what?

The answer is simpler than you think. Note how you’re able to float around. Look around your environment, and you should see a few clusters of glowy spheres, like fireflies. Fly into this cluster, and it will dissipate with a noise, then appear somewhere else.

Temple of Eta quest in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

Again, run into it. Keep doing this, and you’ll slowly power up the sphere in the center, which will grow more and more luminous with each glowy clumpy you hurl yourself into. Don’t worry about the glowy clump dissipating. It will always appear somewhere in the room, and you’re not timed. Your progress is also maintained.

Once you’ve hit about 10 of these clouds, the sphere will turn into a door. Puzzle solved!

Temple of Eta puzzle gate in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

But before you go through, did you know there’s a Permanent Stat Boost magazine on this planet? It might be a good idea to grab it first.

In summary, here’s the rundown on how to solve the Temple of Eta puzzle:

  1. Find the cluster of glowy, firefly-like spheres.
  2. Fly into the cluster.
  3. Follow where the cluster appears and repeat.
  4. After 10 or so clouds, the sphere will have powered up enough to open the door.

That’s all it takes to solve the puzzle. Happy playing.

How to Start the Temple of Eta Puzzle

The Temple Eta Puzzle comes from the Into the Unknown quest. You’ll have the option to start this quest after you finish the first two main quests in the game. The NPC who gives this quest is Vladimir Sall, who is the leader of the Constellation faction. You can find Vladimir Sall at the Constellation headquarters in Jemison.

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