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While progressing through Starfield and leveling up your character, you’ll be getting a ton of skill points to put into different skills. These are spread across five different skill trees: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech. Naturally, some of the skills you think are useful at first aren’t all that helpful in practice. That begs the question of whether you can refund them and better spread your points out. Here’s whether you can respec your skill points in Starfield.

Are You Able to Refund Your Skill Points in Starfield?

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Unfortunately, similar to other Bethesda games, it is not possible to respec your skill points in Starfield. Once you put a point into a particular skill, it’s there unless you decide to delete your character’s saves outright. This means you’ll have to live with specific skills you perk into not being great, though it’s not all bad.

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Similarly to previous Bethesda titles, your maximum character level is much higher than you could ever realistically reach. This means you can realistically max the rank of all skills and still be able to level up if you’re that into the game – or that bored. This also makes single points wasted into skills that didn’t work out not all that detrimental, so there’s nothing to worry about.

However, the lack of respec can be a shame for those of you who complete the main story of games and then immediately put it down. You likely won’t hit more than 25-30 levels in that scenario, so you’ll need to spend your points carefully if you don’t want them wasted. If you do waste them, then you’ll have to dabble in side content to make up for the mistaken skill point.

If you’re looking for more early details about the game, check out our guide on one of the earlier side missions in Starfield, Distilling Confidence.

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