How to Solve the Second Tutorial Puzzle in The Talos Principle 2

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The second puzzle you’ll encounter after you’ve completed the L – L puzzle is all about using tools. Here’s how to solve the second tutorial puzzle in The Talos Principle 2.

How to Solve the Second Tutorial Puzzle in The Talos Principle 2

After gathering the first set of sigils, you can access a brand-new area. This area is all about jammers and fans. Let’s dive right in.

How to Solve the Windy Day Puzzle in The Talos Principle 2

The Windy Day puzzle introduces us to fans. Grab the fan hiding behind a rock and place it on the recessed panel. This will power up the fan that’s attached to the panel.

Jump onto the powered fan to get a boost up and jump onto the adjacent platform.

On this platform, grab the hexahedron, then jump back down. Remove the fan on the recessed platform and replace it with the hexahedron. Then, grab the fan and stand on the powered-on fan to get back on the platform.

Place the fan on the platform’s recessed panel. It will power on, allowing you to grab the sigil.

How to Complete Static Pressure in The Talos Principle 2

Go straight to the back, towards the sigil. You’ll see a fan on the ground. Detach it, then return it to the blue force fields with the cubes.

Place the fan on the recessed panel, then take both hexahedrons out. Bring the hexahedrons to where you found the fan. This is where we’ll spend the rest of the puzzle.

Remove the fan and re-attach it to the recessed panel in front of the sigil’s platform.

Place one hexahedron on top of the fan. Then, pick up the second hexahedron. Jump on top of the hexahedron that’s on top of the fan.

Drop the hexahedron that you’re currently holding onto the recessed platform. This will turn on the fan, and you can jump onto the sigil’s platform.

How to Complete the Single-Split Experiment in The Talos Principle 2

This might be my favorite one yet. It just takes me back to high school. Our goal here is to disrupt the laser that’s powering the fan that’s keeping us from approaching the sigil.

To do that, approach the fan near the laser and jump on it. This will send you shooting upwards toward a platform where you’ll see a switch. Interact with the switch.

This will cause a cube near the entrance of the puzzle to shoot outwards. Grab the cube and take it to the laser.

Place it in front of the laser to disrupt it. This will turn off the fan blocking our way inside the sigil’s pen. Walk inside to grab that sigil.

How to Complete Versatile Contraption

This is a puzzle I’m sure will give many people trouble. Not because it’s particularly complicated but because it’s very finicky. You’ll be using the jammer to disrupt barriers. However, the jammers don’t work seamlessly.

When pointing a jammer at a force field you want to disrupt, ensure you see the blinking white outline around the force field. You may need to really focus the jammer on that barrier or move the camera around to get it to work. Now, let’s get into the puzzle.

Pick up the jammer and place it on the recessed panel. Ensure the jammer is pointing towards the purple barrier to your right. This was where it was pointing before.

Go through the now open door and through the barrier the jammer was pointing at. When you see the jammer at the end of the long, open area, turn around. There will be a third jammer in a barrier. You can walk right through.

Point the jammer at the invisible barrier in front of the jammer across from you. Even though you can’t see it, the area should be highlighted. Once you’ve jammed it, grab the final jammer.

Bring the jammer towards the long corridor, where you can see a fan. This fan prevents us from approaching the room with the sigil. Use the jammer to turn off the fan.

With that done, you can grab the last sigil.

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