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How to Solve the Fuse Box Puzzle in The Devil In Me

If you ever see a bunch of random numbers, write it down

by Daphne Fama

When you take control of Jamie during the chapter “Staff Only”, the lights will be off. But as our resident illuminator and practical woman on the job, Jamie takes it on her shoulders to fix the situation. You gain control over her looking out of the lobby and into the private hallway.

Enter the hallway and take a moment to poke around the staff break room. You’ll be returning here shortly. Through the staff break room, Jamie will quickly find herself in the creepy, shadow-drenched maintenance room. The breakers are, unfortunately, behind a door with a code lock. How unlucky for us that this lock is still powered while the rest of the hotel has gone black. But if we want to turn on those lights we’ll need to find the code to this door.

How to Open the Electrical Closet in The Devil In Me

There are a few false flags scattered around the area in the form of notes. While you might expect that the password is 1896, the year that H. H. Holmes was caught, this is unfortunately not it at all. It’s likely that you’ve already passed the code for the electric closet and didn’t even notice it.

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The code is very easily missed. Head back to the staff room you passed when entering the maintenance room. On the bulletin board, you’ll see a poster that advertises spa treatments that will make women look “ten years younger”.

But this is a ridiculous red herring. Look in the far corner to the left. There, on a generic piece of white paper, is the code, circled in red. 0451. Enter it into the lock and you’ll finally be able to get into that electrical supply closet.

Doing so will even net you an achievement, aptly named 0451.

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