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Who Was the Killer in The Devil In Me? – Answered

Who's the man behind the mask?

by Daphne Fama

The Dark Pictures Anthology is no stranger to mystery and twists. Each new installment is full of enough intrigue and suspense to keep players scrounging for clues, even after the final credits roll. The Devil In Me is no exception, and it’s my favorite in the series by a mile.

The Devil In Me, like other Supermassive Games, follows a cast of interesting and deeply flawed individuals caught in life-threatening circumstances. This time, it’s a film crew desperate to save their show that has been lured to the replica murder hotel of H. H. Holmes.

For those blessedly unfamiliar, the “murder hotel” of H. H. Holmes is a real life hotel, constructed by one of the United States’ first serial killers. Holmes was a sadist who enjoyed manipulating others, luring them into his booby-trapped hotel.

But while our protagonist film crew begin to film, they quickly learn that it’s not just the hotel that’s been replicated. A killer stalks the twisting corridors of the reborn murder hotel, trapping the crew within.

Who Was the Killer in The Devil In Me?

As players delve into the game, they’ll discover there are ample routes they can take. While no route is necessarily “right”, certain conditions and paths will have to be pursued to uncover all 50 hidden secrets in The Devil In Me.

These secrets are essential for unraveling who the killer wearing a H. H. Holmes mask and outfit is. Through them, it’s revealed that the person who initially invited them to the murder hotel wasn’t an eccentric H. H. Holmes enthusiast, but rather Hector Munday.

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Hector Munday was a brilliant criminal profiler who put prolific and elusive serial killers behind bars. But when Munday began interviewing murderer Manny Sherman, Sherman was able to tease out Munday’s hidden dark side. This encounter caused Munday to snap and start killing, all the while being tutored by Sherman.

The law finally caught up to Munday, forcing him to take his own death. But he assumed a new identity and began building the murder hotel on land his family he owned. He later killed that family, turned them into animatronics, and inherited the wealth that allowed him to live out his dream as H. H. Holmes, reborn.  

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