How to Solve Riddler’s Bakerline Riddles in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

A city-wide scavenger hunt.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
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The Riddler has returned in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League with a whole new set of riddles to solve. There are 21 riddles to find and solve in the game, and here are just a few of them for the Bakerline area of Metropolis.

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How to Complete Riddler’s Bakerline Riddles in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (KTJL)

There are three riddles to solve in Bakerline. The Riddler can give all three clues on the map screen, but here are the locations and objects for players to scan to complete the area.

Bakerline Riddle #1

The first Bakerline riddle goes, “Printing stories to astound, this Planet makes the news go round.”

The answer is the Daily Planet, the newspaper and media company where Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane worked as reporters. The Daily Planet is one of the tallest buildings in the district with a giant globe on top but can be found in the southwest corner. Go down to street level and scan the sign on the front.

Bakerline Riddle #2

The second Bakerline riddle goes, “Outside the science center’s wall, find something big that once was small.”

The answer is the atom statue in front of the science center. The building itself is tall and narrow for the area, sits almost on the northern border of Bakerline, and has the word “science” on it. Drop down to ground level and scan the atom statue at the front entrance.

Bakerline Riddle #3

The third Bakerline riddle goes, “In Bakerline, a renter’s choice, and there resides the people’s voice.”

The answer is 1938 Sullivan Place, a brown apartment building just south of the science center. This one can be tricky to find as it somewhat blends in with the surrounding architecture.

However, there is a billboard of Lois Lane on the building, which is referenced as “the people’s voice.” If you see it, circle around the building for the front entrance and scan it to get the final riddle of the district.

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