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How to Solve Cryptic Quatrain 1 in Destiny 2

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Cryptic Quatrain Destiny 2

The Season of Plunder is full of pirate-themed content in Destiny 2, so it’s no surprise that some of that content would include treasure hunts. Guardians who have taken the time to level up their Star Chart at the H.E.L.M will eventually reach a reward called the Small Treasure Beacon. Claiming this will start Cryptic Quatrain 1, which is a series of riddles that must be deciphered.

As a treasure hunt that eventually leads to an Exotic Speeder called the Charge of Light, you won’t have your objectives marked. Instead, you’ll need to carefully read between the lines and complete the Cryptic Quatrain objectives yourself. Or you can speed up that process with this guide to blast through all the different riddles.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder – Solve Cryptic Quatrain 1

When you accept the Small Treasure Beacon reward at the Star Chart, you’ll have a new quest added to your log with a riddle. Most of the riddles will have four to five lines that are related to the objective. In each line, you’ll find highlighted yellow words that tell you exactly where to go when you read them in order. Below you can find every objective in the first Cryptic Quatrain.

  1. Travel to the Moon to begin the first step of your treasure hunt.
  2. On the Moon, travel to Sorrow’s Harbor and complete the K1 Revelation Lost Sector.
  3. After the Lost Sector, complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R Strike found in the Cosmodrome.
  4. Next, head to the Eventide Ruins found on Europa.
  5. Look for the set of cranes and look under the hooks. There is your treasure.

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Collect the treasure under the gree-marked snow and you have completed Cryptic Quatrain 1 in Destiny 2. There are three Cryptic quests in total that you must complete before claiming the Exotic Sparrow for yourself. But before you get there, level 16 is required on the Star Chart seasonal vendor level.

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