How To Shout At Civilians In Payday 3 – Answered

Get on the ground.... once I figure out how to yell at you.

The ultimate heist simulator is back in action. Taking control of your favorite Payday character feels better than ever in this new release, but a few things have changed since the last entry in the franchise. Beyond a fresh coat of paint to make everything look better than ever, there have been some revamps done to the overall control scheme to make things more intuitive than ever before, but there is something that even the tutorial does not teach you: how to shout at Civilians to avoid any unneeded casualties. You’re looking to escape with as much cash as possible, and this is done by preventing “cleaning fees” whenever possible, so let’s get to shouting.

How To Yell At Civilians In Payday 3

If you’re hoping to yell at these folks to keep them out of danger, or you just need to take a few hostages to buy some time, you’ll want to use these buttons:

  • Keyboard & Mouse: Middle Mouse Button (Quick Press)
  • Controller: D-Pad UP (Quick Press)

To successfully perform a Shout, you’ll want to aim at a group of Civilians and press the respective button as shown above. They’ll quickly get on the ground, so you can continue heisting in peace without the possibility of unnecessary casualties. Why the developers at Starbreeze changed this from the previous game is unknown, but now we’re ready to jump in and get into the action as professionals once again.

Payday 3 Gameplay, Taking Civilians Hostage with Yell Command
Screenshot by Prima Games

No matter if you’re planning on entering guns blazing or you just want to sneak through these levels with minimal firefights, we’ve got you covered for any type of play style. Get ready for the ultimate heist by checking out our Payday 3 section below, so you can get into the action on your own or with some friends.

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