How to Set a Home Ship in Starfield

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Starfield Mantis Ship
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As you make progress through the world of Starfield, chances are you’ll be either modifying your current ship or scoring yourself a new one. Either way, you might come across a situation where you have multiple ships in your inventory at once. As such, you’ll want to have a Home Ship set to go. Here’s how to set a Home Ship in Starfield.

How to Designate a Ship as Your Home Ship in Starfield

Starfield Ship Services Technician
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Setting a ship to be your Home Ship in Starfield is surprisingly simple. First things first, land in a city of your choosing and speak to the Ship Services Technician nearby. There should be one no matter which of the three major cities you choose to land at. Speak to them, and select the option “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” to bring up the ship inventory menu.

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Once this menu is open, it’ll display your current Home Ship alongside any other ships you may have. To change it, simply use the listed buttons to select another ship you own, then press the Make Home Ship button listed in the bottom right corner. This will set that ship as your Home Ship, and you’ll be free to back out of the menu.

What Does Having a Home Ship Do?

A Home Ship is essentially your current active ship in Starfield. This is the ship that shows up when you land and is the one you fly around while in space. This will also house whatever Crew members you currently have assigned and store whatever resources you want in its Cargo Hold. As such, your most powerful ship should always be the one you have selected for your Home Ship.

If you’re looking into more details about managing your ship, check out our guide on how to change the Crew members in Starfield.

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