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How to Send GIFs in Slack

Slack is just a weird, estranged, businessy, long-lost siamese twin of Discord, or something along those lines.

by Nikola L

So, you have decided to “commit the funny” in your workplace, and to spice up the corporate communication with a funny reaction GIF? You’ve come to the right place. Prima Games represents the doctrine “work hard, play hard” and we know how to goof around in our Slack channels, which truly makes the business hours friendly and happy. Sending GIFs in Slack is not a very difficult task and we’ll go through it step-by-step with you in this article.

How to Post a GIF in a Slack Channel or a Private Message

In order to Post a GIF in a Slack Channel or a Private Message, you need to enter your text box as if you were to type a regular message, and then type the slash symbol “/”.

This will open suggestions for a variety of commands, however, we are looking for the ones that will allow us to send GIFs in this article. These commands are:

  • /giphy
  • /gfycat

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If you want to send a funny GIF with a Siamese Cat in it, for example, you will type “Siamese Cat” as keywords for your GIF search:

/giphy Siamese Cat
/gfycat Siamese Cat

And after you are finished with the keywords, do not be afraid to hit the Enter or Send key (depending on if you are on your computer or your phone) because that “message” won’t get sent to the other party. But, if you are into testing, you can open a private Slack conversation with yourself and wreak havoc there with GIFs until you get the hang of it.

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After you hit Enter/Send, you will get a dialogue with one presented GIF and three options:

  • If you like the GIF you can send it
  • If you do not like the GIF you can ask the system to find you another one
  • If you want to cancel your action, you can cancel it.

And, that’s it! We hope you’ll make good use of this function. You can also upload your own GIFs on said sites and then find them with the appropriate keywords you’ve assigned to them as you uploaded them.

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