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How to Save Your Game in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Your time is precious!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 does autosave, but not often enough to simply exit out of the game once you’re ready to finish your session. If you want to manually save your progress so you don’t lose an ounce of your time spent in Monster Hunter Stories 2 but can’t figure out how, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about manual saving in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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How to Manually Save in Monster Hunter Stories 2

You can manually save by sleeping in your bed or visiting the Catavan in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

If you’ve been trawling through the menus in MHS2 looking for the save button to no avail, you wouldn’t be the only one. And that’s because there is no save feature in the menu. Instead, you can manually save your game by visiting your bed or the Catavan.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Bed
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Each town you visit in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is very hospitable, and you will get your own room and place to stay in every location. If you’re in town and want to finish up, head to your room and interact with your bed to save the game.

You’re not always in town, however, and you might want to save and exit MHS2 while you’re out exploring. In that case, you can head to any of the nearby Catavan Stands and save your game there. You can find Catavan spots on your map by searching for the paw print icon. When you find one, interact with the Felyne to either fast-travel somewhere or save your game.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Catavaner
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Once you’ve slept or the Catavan Cat has saved your game for you, you are free to exit without having to worry about losing progress. Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a long game, and the last thing you want is to lose hours of gameplay because the game hasn’t autosaved in a while.

If you’re in a den or near the end of a story quest, you can also wait to finish the quest or simply exit the den. Both of those actions trigger an autosave. If you see the autosave icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, wait until it goes away before you close the game.

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