How to Save in Alan Wake 2 – Answered

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Alan Wake 2 is an exceptionally strange game in that it refuses to let you save manually for quite some time. Here’s how to save in Alan Wake 2.

How to Manually Save in Alan Wake 2

I adore saving. The more saves, the better. And I almost always hit the save threshold for any game. It’s an awful habit, but having the opportunity to jump to any point in the game is always a godsend, especially in games like Alan Wake 2, where there’s no shortage of collectibles.

But at the beginning of Alan Wake 2, you won’t be able to manually save your game. Instead, you’ll depend on the Checkpoint system, which isn’t very generous.

Fortunately, you’ll unlock the ability to manually save in Return 2: The Heart. During this chapter, you’ll unlock safe havens and you can save by interacting with the thermos on the table. This is the second chapter of the game. Here’s how to unlock saving in Alan Wake 2.

  • In Return 2: The Heart, go to Cauldron Lake using the black car in front of the Lodge.
  • Once you’re at Cauldron Lake, head to the Witch’s Ladle.
  • Find the manuscript page in the roots and read it.
  • Head up to the witch’s house to find the fuse box.
  • Find the fuse in the blue container at the lookout near the Witch’s House.
  • Use the fuse on the fuse box on the Witch’s House.
  • Enter the Witch’s House and interact with the blue thermos on the table.

You can opt to Quick Save or Manually Save. And once a save point is established, it remains available. Usually, save points appear when you’re about to encounter something difficult. Like an enemy, or a boss. Speaking of which, you might want to pick up the shotgun.

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