How to Find the Shotgun Combination in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 Saga With Shotgun
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Alan Wake 2 features many secrets that you might miss if you aren’t paying close attention, with some of those secrets being much more useful than others. Here’s how to get the combination for the Shotgun case in Alan Wake 2.

How to Get the Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

The shotgun first appears during the chapter Return 2: Heart. While exploring the general store and after dealing with the first Taken, you’ll find the shotgun perched in a case. Once you’ve found it, interact with the lock and check the sticky note on the case, then make your way over to the cash register and check out the page next to it. The page lists the codes 705, 713, 717, and 723 as previous codes. Next to that is a lottery ticket, reading the numbers 05, 13, 17, 23, 39, and 45.

Putting these two things together, you’ll come to realize they’ve been adding 7 to the front of lottery numbers on the ticket. Not the safest way to lock a shotgun in a case, but it’ll do. Given that the next number they didn’t use is 39, the logical conclusion is that the number you want is 739. Put that into the lock, and you’ll get a sawed-off shotgun.

Is the Sawed-Off Shotgun Good?

The sawed-off shotgun is the second gun you’ll come across in the game, immediately after the pistol. It uses its own ammo, of course, but it’s surprisingly powerful early on. Provided you’ve cleared the darkness from a target, you’ll probably take them down after one or two shots at most. I was using it while making my way through the game’s second chapter, and damn does it ever pack a mean punch. The fact I love shotguns in games to death probably helps that.

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