How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Alan Wake 2

Make your guns gun better with the power of paper

Alan Wake 2 has you fighting for your life against a shadow-drenched cult. To survive, you’ll need to know how to upgrade your weapons in Alan Wake 2.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons in Alan Wake 2

No matter who you’re playing in Alan Wake 2, there’s one thing you’ll need as you go through the game: a good gun. And, through the power of literature, those guns can be upgraded by finding manuscript fragments.

Manuscript Fragments function as currency, which can be used to upgrade your weapons.

Manuscript Fragments are shreds of paper that can be found exclusively in Lunch Boxes, which are scattered throughout the game. There are 21 in total, and they can be very easy to overlook. Fortunately, lunch boxes can be found anytime before the Point of No Return. But gathering these lunch boxes as you play the game is more efficient.

Once you’ve gathered some Manuscript Fragments, you can enter the Weapon Upgrade menu by opening up your map and then toggling to the icon with the gun at the top of the screen. This will bring you to the Mind Palace, where you’ll have the weapons you have available to upgrade. These guns are represented by weapon magazines, which you can click to see the full list of upgrade you have access to.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have Saga’s Service Pistol. There are three perks which you can choose from:

  • Again and Again – Hold the fire button to activate auto-fire mode. This significantly increases the rate of fire.
  • More Bullets – Increases magazine size by 50%.
  • Another Headshot – Land two headshots in quick succession to stun an enemy for an extended duration.

Each upgrade costs between 12 and 18 Manuscript Fragments, so you’ll need to open quite a few Lunch Boxes!

But note, Saga has four available weapons she can unlock, and Alan has three. You may want to choose which gun you upgrade carefully, as there’s a finite amount of Manuscript Fragments.

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