How to Remove Weapon Mods in Starfield

In case you want a weaker gun.

Starfield Weapon Workbench in Constellation
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You’ll inevitably find a weapon from a fallen enemy or inside a container you might want, but the pre-installed weapon mods prove most ineffective. Sure, you could sell it. But then you’re out a potentially robust and customizable rifle. Your other option is to bring said weapon to a workbench and learn how to remove weapon mods in Starfield so that you can make it your own. We recommend the latter. You’ll wind up with a potentially powerful rifle or revolver, which won’t cost you much.

Removing Weapon Mods in Starfield

First, to remove weapon mods in Starfield, visit a Weapon Workbench, like the one in the basement of Constellation. Alternatively, you can build on at an outpost or buy a hab piece with one for your spaceship.

In any case, once you have a Weapon Workbench before you, select the weapon you want to alter, choose the mod in question, and finally select “No Mod” for that slot. Unfortunately, you will need a few resources to install the “No Mod” option.

Alternatively, you can select the new weapon mod you want to install and equip it instead of the old one. Again, you will require specific resources.

Recommended Weapon Mods to Install

Starfield Weapon Wall
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Instead of whatever dopey mod that came equipped on your latest weapon, here are a few we recommend.

Once you learn to remove weapon mods in Starfield, then go ahead and install these:

  • Annihilator Rounds: These ultra-powerful rounds deal poison damage that causes an area-of-effect aura around your target. They’re banned by most governments in the Settled Systems, though!
  • Bull Barrel: A heavy barrel that increases accuracy and stability.
  • Compensator: Improves the overall stability and hip-fire accuracy while reducing long-range accuracy.
  • Drum Magazine: Never run too low on ammunition with a drum magazine that dramatically increases your ammo count.
  • Focus Nozzle: Increases overall weapon and headshot damage and improves the range.
  • High Powered: Increases weapon damage considerably.
  • Suppressor: When you want to sneak through an Ecliptic Mercenary base without anyone noticing their buddies dropping like flies.
  • Whitehot Rounds: A chemically enhanced round that causes burn damage on each hit.

With your new weapon fully unequipped of any unwanted weapon mods and prepped for the new modifications, you should be raring to go, looking for a fight!

To help you in your next combat encounter, besides this ultra-powerful weapon you’re wielding, learning to combat slide can make a significant difference!

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