Combat Slide in Starfield
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How to Combat Slide in Starfield

Slide cancelling not included

Verticality is no issue at all in Starfield, but when it comes to horizontal movement, combat sliding is one of the best ways to change momentum at any given time. However, the mechanic isn’t available to everyone right away, and you need to invest some points if you hope to slide on your own character.

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Combat Slide in Starfield Explained

To use the combat slide, you need to unlock the Gymnastics skill under the Physical tree. There are five different skill trees you can choose from in Starfield, and the Physical branch is where you find your movement bonuses. At least one skill point needs to be invested into Gymnastics in order to start sliding on any surface.

Combat Slide Starfield.
Combat Slide skill in Starfield (Screenshot by Prima Games).

However, the Gymnastics skill is on the second tier of the Physical tree. That means you need to invest at least four skill points in the first Physical tier before moving on to the next tier. Once you’re at tier 2, though, the combat slide is given out as the first rank in Gymnastics. In other words, no challenges are needed to start using it.

After you unlock the combat slide in Starfield, the ability becomes available at all times. You don’t need to equip it anywhere like you would with your powers or one of the packs in the game. Instead, just hold the crouch button when you sprint to activate the slide. Then rinse and repeat to keep the same movement going.

How to Combat Slide in Starfield:

  • Unlock the Gymnastics skill in the Physical tree.
  • Hold the crouch button while sprinting.
  • Crouch is “B” on a controller or the “L-ctrl” on a keyboard by default.

Other passives in the Physical tree allow you to move more freely in low gravity, take damage, or even regenerate health in some cases. But none of them will be brand new mechanics like the slide, so don’t worry about too many moving pieces.

The only thing more slippery than the combat slide in Starfield is the Lubricant material, and you’ll need it for plenty of crafting.

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