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How to Redeem Game Keys and Codes on the Steam Deck

You can redeem codes from the system itself.

by Meg Bethany Koepp
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If you’re anything like me and are glued to your Steam Deck almost 24/7 then you’ll probably understand the pain (or laziness) of having to either go to your PC or download the Steam mobile app on your phone if you’ve bought a Steam game key or code and want to use it. But what if I told you there’s a way to redeem game codes on the Steam Deck itself? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Redeem Game Keys on the Steam Deck Itself

Photograph of the Steam Deck's face buttons and right joystick.
Image via Valve

While the feature isn’t deliberately hidden, it feels as though Valve hasn’t made much effort to inform Steam Deck players that it exists. In fact, I owned my portable PC for four months before stumbling across it by accident and subsequently kicking myself emotionally for not realizing sooner.

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To redeem game codes and keys on the system itself, press the Steam button to open the side menu, then scroll down and click on Settings. Once the Settings menu loads, scroll down again, this time clicking on Library.

Here, you’ll see the “Add to Library” option. Select “Add game” and the “Enter your product code” window will pop up, alongside the On-Screen Keyboard. Type your game key or code in, and then hit “Confirm.” If successful, your new product will appear in your Steam Deck Library.

If, for some reason, the On-Screen Keyboard doesn’t appear in the “Enter your product code” window, simply click in the text box and then press the Steam button and X simultaneously, and it’ll show up.

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And there you have it! No more using other methods to redeem Steam codes or keys if you’re lazy like me and almost exclusively use your Steam Deck for everything possible. You’re welcome.

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