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How to Reach the Bygone Settlement in Jedi Survivor

Don't disrupt the Jawas.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Bygone Settlement Jedi Survivor

After getting through the Forest Array part of the story and exploring the Basalt Forest, it is time for Cal to make his way to the Bygone Settlement before he can return to Pyloon’s Saloon in Jedi Survivor. However, making your way there will not be immediately obvious without knowing where to look.

You may also be attempting to return to the Bygone Settlement after finishing this leg of the story so that you can collect the remaining items in the area. Either way, there are some specialized paths to follow or features to take advantage of to return to the settlement.

Jedi Survivor – How to Reach the Bygone Settlement

Let us start with the players who have just finished up the main fight within the Forest Array. This fight takes place in the Rehabilitation Wing of the Basalt Forest, and it is the first major test for Cal Kestis within the game. Dagan will escape along with his lightsaber from the main room when the fight ends, and once it is empty, you can shimmy outside to the deck and zipline all the way down to another path.

The path will take you to the Nekko Pools, which are an extension of the Basalt Forest in Jedi Survivor. At first, I was looking around, wondering why I was dropped in yet another forest setting. The goal is to tame a Nekko and learn how to use mounts in the game. You will need the Nekko to leave the Nekko Pools and reach the Bygone Settlement.

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For those players who have already done this part of the story and want to return for something like a missed chest in the settlement, you can head to the location from the Rambler’s Reach side instead. You could also take the chance to look for the Jawas as recruits or part of the rumor. Like the pools, you will still need a mount to make your way back into the Bygone Settlement. I have taken this route again, and it is easy to navigate, so do not worry about a long journey.

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