How to Reach Hanging Items in Lords of the Fallen

Don't keep them hanging

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In this dreadful, hopeless world that you find yourself in Lords of the Fallen, you gotta hold on to every type of loot you can find. Some of these treasures will be found hanging on some hard to reach places. Actually, sometimes you just can’t reach them. But there’s always a way to get your hands in them, and here’s how you can do it.

How to Get the Hanging Items in Lords of the Fallen

In order to reach items far from your actual range, you need to throw something at them. It could be anything, from rocks to arrows. As long as it hits, the item will fall down to the ground and you can pick it up. Not all hanging items are special or anything, but getting some extra treasure is always reasurring at the very least.

In order to throw something, you must first change to a ranged weapon. Rangers start with the bow, but you can simply use your own hands (the Throwing Hand “equippable”) to throw a stone at the item. Select your ranged weapon with 2 on Keyboard or Up in the D-pad and lock-on in your target with the middle mouse button or R3/Right Thumb Stick and use your ranged ammo (either arrows or stones) to bring it down.

Some hidden paths only accessible through Umbral will reveal certain treasures which you can only sucessfully claim with said methods, so make sure to always have some spare ammo at your disposal. You can replenish it quickly by resting in a nearby Vestige, but making another trip just to get a miscellaneous item you’ll probably not even using is not the most pleasing thing in the game, so try to avoid that. And don’t waste too much time on Umbral either, unless you really want to face the consequences.

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